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"The beginning and the end of all your transcription needs"

Who we are: Alpha Transcription Services provides medical transcription to local physicians, hospitals, and specialty practices in the Tri Cities, TN area. Our experienced staff offers transcription services that are custom made to fit your office needs. Accuracy, fast turnaround, flexibility, and cost advantages are our strengths.

Pricing: Let our trained staff save you both time and money. Studies show that out-sourced transcriptionists excel over in-house transcriptionists in accuracy and turnaround time because they do not have the distractions of the busy office environment. Studies show and customers say that medical practices out-sourcing their transcription services have a significant cost advantage over medical practices with in-house transcriptions services. By out-sourcing their transcriptions services, medical practices save money because they do not have to pay employee benefits and other costly human resource responsibilities. Money is also saved by not having to provide office space, computers, transcription machines, and expensive reference materials and equipment. 

Out-sourcing of transcription is now a practical, fast, and cost effective option for medical practices. Let Alpha Transcriptions fill all your transcription needs with speed, accuracy, flexibility, and cost effectiveness. Give us a try and you will find the "end" to your transcription worries. 



For more information contact:

Jeni Hasch:  (423) 297-3219